City and Government

The City of Lumberton was created by an Act of the N.C. General Assembly in 1787 and was named the County seat of Robeson County.

Lumberton was founded the same year thirty-nine of the fifty-five delegates to the Constitutional Convention of Philadelphia signed and sent to Congress the constitution of the United States.

Robeson County is located in the Coastal Plains region of southeastern North Carolina. The County was created from Bladen County in 1786 by two Revolutionary War heroes and residents of the area, General John Willis and Colonel Thomas Robeson. The county was named after Colonel Thomas Robeson and the land for the County seat was donated by General Willis who is also accredited with naming the County seat Lumberton . Lumberton was incorporated in 1859.

Lumberton is located on the Lumber River in the coastal plains region of North Carolina. The Lumber River State Park, one hundred and fifteen miles of beautiful natural and scenic waterway, flows through Lumberton, North Carolina

Lumber River was designated as a National Wild and Scenic River and is part of the North Carolina Natural and Scenic River System. The River has been classified as natural, scenic, and recreational and is considered one of the most highly prized recreation sites in North Carolina. Recreation includes canoeing and boating, fishing, hunting, picnicking, camping, nature study, swimming, biking, jogging, crafts and fossil and artifact hunting.

The Lumber River is also known for its cultural resources. Four hundred and twenty-nine archaeological sites have been recorded in Robeson County.


The Mayor is the chief elected official of the City of Lumberton. He is elected at-large for a four-year term. Four-year terms were first authorized by an Act of the North Carolina General Assembly in 1971. The next four mayoral elections are scheduled as follows: 2015, 2019, 2023 and 2027.

The Mayor is the presiding officer of the Lumberton City Council but does not vote, except in the case of a tie vote, and has no veto power. He appoints members to various municipal boards and commissions, issues special proclamations, meets with citizen groups and individuals, meets with business and industrial groups, and represents the City at various local, state, and national meetings. The Mayor also serves as the City's Chief Ambassador, meeting with visiting dignitaries and business representatives, and plays an important leadership role in the development of municipal policy.

The Mayor's position is part-time, although the responsibilities and authority are administered in a full-time capacity. The Mayor has no administrative staff, but is supported by staff in the City Manager's Office, City Attorney's Office and other departments as needed. His office is located at City Hall.


Precinct 1 Councilman

Council Member Don Metzger
Serving the citizens of Lumberton since 2007 Term Expires December 2015 Email (910) 734-8464

Precinct 2 Councilman

Council Member John Robinson
Serving the citizens of Lumberton since 2011
Term Expires December 2013

Precinct 3 Councilman

Council Member Jackie Taylor
Serving the citizens of Lumberton since 2005
Term Expires December 2013

Precinct 4 Councilman

Council Member Harry Ivey
Serving the citizens of Lumberton since 1975
Term Expires December 2015

Precinct 5 Councilman

Council Member John Cantey, Jr.
Serving the citizens of Lumberton since 2005
Term Expires December 2013

Precinct 6 Councilman

Council Member Robert L. Jones
Serving the citizens of Lumberton since 1991
Term Expires December 2015

Precinct 7 Councilman

Council Member Leon Maynor
Serving the citizens of Lumberton since 1995
Term Expires December 2015

Precinct 8 Councilman

Council Member Erich Von Hackney
Serving the citizens of Lumberton since 2001
Term Expires December 2013 Email (910) 734-0209

City Boards & Commissions

Board of Adjustment

The Board of Adjustments is an autonomous board of five members and five alternates that decides appeals from any order made by the land use administrator. The board grants special use permits and variances pursuant to the land use ordinance and interprets the location of zoning district boundary lines.

Meeting Date - 3rd Tuesday of each month, 7:00 p.m., City Hall

Lumberton Airport Commission

A joint public airport board (commission) of nine members established to control and operate a public airport in the city and in the county.

Meeting Date - 3rd Tuesday of each month, 12 noon, Lumberton Airport

Alcohol Beverage Control Board

The purpose of the Alcohol Beverage Control Board is to operate an ABC System in the City of Lumberton in conformance with North Carolina's uniform system of control over the sale, purchases, transportation, manufacture, consumption and possession of alcoholic beverages.

Five members are appointed to three year staggered terms by the City Council, on an at-large basis. The ABC Board is an autonomous board operating under the specific statutory authorities cited in the North Carolina General Statutes.

Meeting Date - 4th Thursday of each month, 6:00 p.m., ABC Board Office

Community Appearance Commission

The community appearance commission consists of eighteen members, citizens and residents of the city. The responsibility of the community appearance commission is to study, investigate, counsel and develop and update annually, and administer a written plan for the care, preservation, pruning, planting, replanting, removal or disposition of trees and shrubs in parks, in the city's cemeteries, along streets and in other public areas.

The community appearance commission is responsible for developing an official street tree species list comprised of three groups of trees: Small trees, medium trees and large trees. No trees other than those included in the list may be planted as street trees. The community appearance commission is responsible for establishing guidelines for the spacing of city trees in accordance with the three species size classes in the official street tree species list.

Meeting Date - 3rd Tuesday of each month, 5:30 p.m., City Hall Community Meeting Room

Community Relations Committee

A committee of eighteen members established to study problems in the city pertaining to relationships among individuals and groups of all kinds, and to make recommendations to the city council and mayor for the betterment of such relationships within the city.

In performing its functions, the community relations commission will invite and enlist the cooperation of all racial and economic groups, as well as persons representing various economic, educational and social groups in all areas of the city and will act as a coordinating agency among those other groups in the community in the establishment and maintenance of educational programs in the community designed to bring about better human relations.

Meeting Date - 1st Tuesday of each month, 5:30 p.m., City Hall Community Meeting Room

Lumberton Firefighters' Relief and Supplemental Retirement Fund

The Lumberton Firefighters' Relief and Supplemental Retirement Fund Board provides for the supervision and management of the Lumberton Firefighters' Relief and Supplemental Retirement Fund. Members are appointed to two-year staggered terms, except for Insurance Commissioner's appointment. Two members are appointed by City Council, two by Fire Department employees and one appointment by the Insurance Commissioner.

Meeting Date - 4th Tuesday of February, April, July, and October, 8:30 a.m., City Hall

Housing Authority

The Housing Authority's purpose is to provide safe, sanitary and affordable housing to the low-income population of the city of Lumberton through rental of dwellings owned by the Authority and through Section 8 Housing.

The Board is an autonomous board and members are appointed by the Mayor at large to five-year staggered terms.

Meeting Date - 3rd Wednesday of each month (excluding the month of July), 7:30 p.m., Lumberton Housing Authority

Board of Library Trustees

A board of trustees established to govern the library. The board of trustees is composed of twelve members; the board of commissioners of the county appoints seven members of the board and five members are appointed by the city council of the city.

Meeting Date - 3rd Wednesday bi-monthly, 4:00 p.m., Robeson County Public Library

Mayor's Committee for the Disabled

The objective of the Mayor Committee for Disabled is to enhance the quality of life of disabled residents of the Lumberton and Robeson County area by offering aid and assistance in overcoming and resolving personal, social and vocational problems and conflicts and to create citizen awareness and understanding relative to the plight of disabled individuals.

This committee makes recommendations to Council and initiates and operates various programs utilizing funds from United Way, the City and the County. Public donations are also accepted.

Meeting Date - 4th Monday of each month, 12 noon, City Hall

Personnel Board

Personnel Board reviews and makes recommendations concerning personnel issues to the City Manager

Meeting Date - Scheduled on an as needed basis

Planning Board

The planning board consists of ten members, eight of who are appointed by the city council, one from each precinct, and two of whom are appointed by the county board of commissioners from the extraterritorial area. The planning board serves as the zoning commission of the city.

Meeting Date - 1st Tuesday of each month, 7:00 p.m., City Hall Council Chambers

Public Safety Commission

The public safety commission consist of eight members appointed by the city council, one from each electoral precinct and one member appointed by the mayor as an at-large member. The public safety commission reviews methods and proposals concerning making the city a crime-free and drug-free community, hears and makes recommendations concerning petitions for review, and performs any other duties assigned by council.

Meeting Date - 3rd Monday of each month, 7:00 p.m., West Lumberton Community Police Station

Recreation Commission

The recreation commission is composed of nine members, all of whom are residents of the city during the term of office for which they are appointed. Eight members are appointed by the city council, one from each electoral precinct; and one member is appointed by the mayor at-large.

The recreation commission provides, maintains, operates and supervises the public parks and playgrounds, athletic fields and recreation centers and other recreation facilities owned or controlled by the city or leased or loaned to the recreation commission. The recreation commission has complete supervision of the facilities and activities provided and conducted on or in connection with the parks, playgrounds, athletic fields and recreation centers provided and has the power to conduct any form of recreational or cultural activity.

Meeting Date - 2nd Tuesday of each month, 5:45 p.m., City Hall Community Meeting Room



  • Work with the Mayor and City Council to develop major goals and objectives to meet the needs of the citizens, businesses, and industries of Lumberton.

  • Work with the City Staff to improve the delivery of City services in an efficient and effective manner.

  • Improve Communication and the flow of information to the public on topics of interest including general operation, city budget issues, and capital projects.

  • Communicate to employees the City's expectations for standards of service and implement programs that recognize employees who meet or exceed these standards.

  • Involve employees in the planning process by encouraging them to submit their comments and ideas on topics of interest that will improve community service.

  • Being fiscally responsible by evaluating and monitoring department budgets on a quarterly basis. Work with staff to effectively implement the City's Capital Improvement Plan.

  • Work with City Council and Staff to present a realistic and positive image of the City and its programs to the citizens of Lumberton.

  • Work in partnership with the County, State, and Federal Governments to develop a strategy that promotes economic development.

  • Monitor activities in the NC General Assembly and track legislation that affects local government.

City Manager

The Lumberton City Manager is the Chief Administrative Officer of City Government. He is responsible for the coordination and management control for all the activities of City Government. The Manager as the administrative head of the City government implements policy set by City Council and sees that the laws of the City and State are properly followed.

The Deputy City Manager performs those activities required to assist the City Manager in managing the City operation. These duties include working with staff on a variety of projects, assist with policy development, project management and other duties that may be assigned by the City Manager.

The Assistant to the City Manager manages complex special projects and tasks assigned by the City Manager related to a broad range of topics and subjects. The Assistant to the City Manager assists the Mayor, City Council and City Attorney with special projects as needed.

The Administration Staff is also responsible for providing and coordinating the release of public information concerning City policies, projects and programs.

City Attorney

The City Attorney's Office is located on the third floor of City Hall. The City Attorney is appointed by City Council.

City Attorney oversees the legal affairs of the City. On a daily basis the City Attorney participates in the following activities:

  • Serves as Legal Counsel to the City Council, staff, boards, commissions and committees of the City
  • Drafts or supervises drafting of ordinances and resolutions for Council, explains the foregoing to Council and answers questions relating thereto
  • Attends meetings of Council and City boards and commissions and renders immediate legal advice
  • Serves as legislative liaison for City with State and Federal governments
  • Drafts or supervises the drafting of all contracts, deeds, leases, releases, franchises and other legal documents on behalf of the City
  • Represents the City in legal matters, brings suits necessary to be instituted by the City and defends the City in suits brought against it, and handles appellate litigation.
  • Decides major legal questions in litigation, claims, leases and contracts, land titles and related legal matters
  • Prepares the departmental budget and oversees expenditures
  • Prepares and supervises the preparation of formal legal opinions upon request of Council members and the administration
  • Defends City employees in action brought against them for conduct while in the line of duty
  • Supervises and administers land transactions




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